What is an AR Toothbrush?

Last Updated: July 27, 2022

Getting kids to brush their teeth can be a monster task. Augmented reality toothbrushes help take the dread out of teeth brushing by making the routine fun and educational. Augmented reality (AR) toothbrushes are a type of smart toothbrush that translates real-time brushing data into computer-generated images displayed on a connected device. Simply put, they use technology to make brushing a fun game!

Are AR Toothbrushes Safe for Kids?

Always consult your child’s dentist for questions about their oral care, but smart toothbrushes are safe for most kids. Because AR toothbrushes help teach healthy brushing habits, they can provide lifelong oral care benefits for kids. Parents should monitor use at first to ensure kids are comfortable with the brush, following proper techniques and using the correct amount of toothpaste. If you’re concerned about gaming, keep in mind that augmented reality is not the same as virtual reality. Your kids won’t wear VR headsets, goggles or interact with others when they brush. The mobile app simply guides them through a brushing game and tracks their teeth brushing coverage and duration.

hum by Colgate Augmented Reality Toothbrush

Don’t think that functionality is sacrificed in the name of fun, though. Designed specifically to appeal to kids and teach proper brushing habits early, the hum Kids Smart Manual Toothbrush benefits children and parents alike. Here are some of its smile-worthy features.

hum Kids Smart Manual Toothbrush


  • Fun colors: The bright-colored toothbrush handle and replaceable brush head come in fun colors to get kids excited about brushing.
  • Brushing games: The companion hum Kids by Colgate mobile app displays 2-minute timed games that guide kids through brushing.
  • Upleveling: The better kids brush, the more levels and game experiences they unlock.
  • Parents-only dashboard: When kids use hum, smart sensors in the toothbrush head send data to the app so parents can track progress and see if kids are missing any spots.

How Do AR Toothbrushes Track and Use Data?

Smart sensors in the toothbrush detect the exact position of the brush as kids use it and send data to the connected mobile app to be displayed. Data collected by the hum Kids Smart AR Toothbrush stays in the hum Kids mobile app. The parents-only dashboard keeps kids’ data safe and secure. Over time, brushing data reveals trends and patterns parents can use to help kids improve their brushing routine.

How Do AR Toothbrushes Make Brushing More Fun?

The hum Kids toothbrush is designed to be simple to use and make brushing fun. Connect the augmented reality base to the toothbrush head to set it up. Then, download and launch the hum Kids app following the on-screen instructions. Place the phone on the included phone stand and begin. The real-time gameplay instructs kids to brush away monsters as they appear on teeth that need more attention. The better they brush, the more features and levels kids unlock in the game. They’ll have so much fun they may even start asking you if they can brush their teeth without your reminders. When it’s time for a new toothbrush, simply remove the AR connector from the used toothbrush, replace it with a fresh new one and keep up the brushing fun!

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