What is a Smart Toothbrush?

Last Updated: July 27, 2022

Remember when your options for choosing a toothbrush consisted of bristle firmness and handle color? Thanks to new toothbrush technology, there are now many more options and considerations for choosing a toothbrush. If you’re curious about how technology can help you brush better, read on for some helpful toothbrush definitions, purchase tips and product comparisons.

Types of Toothbrushes

You’re not alone if you’ve felt confused by the different names, labels and acronyms for technology. What is a smart toothbrush? Are smart toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes different? What’s an AR toothbrush? Let’s start by defining the different types of toothbrushes.

  • Manual toothbrush – a hand-held brush powered by the user, not batteries; commonly called a “regular toothbrush.”
  • Electric toothbrush – a battery-powered toothbrush containing a small motor that moves brush head bristles rapidly; also known as an “electronic toothbrush” or “power toothbrush.”
  • Sonic toothbrush – a type of electric toothbrush that moves bristles back and forth using sonic vibrations
  • Oscillating toothbrush – a type of electric toothbrush that moves bristles in a circular pattern
  • Smart toothbrush – a toothbrush containing “smart” technology using an app that collects and displays brushing habit data
  • AR (augmented reality) toothbrush – a type of smart toothbrush that translates brushing data into computer-generated images displayed on a connected device
  • VR (virtual reality) toothbrush – this might exist in the metaverse, but it won’t clean your teeth in real life!

Whew, that was a lot! Now, let’s zoom in our focus on smart toothbrush technology and its benefits.

What is a Smart Toothbrush?

Smart toothbrushes are one of the most significant advances in toothbrush technology following the electric toothbrush. It uses an app to collect data and provide feedback on how effectively you are brushing. The primary benefit of a smart toothbrush is data collection. If you use a toothbrush without “smart” technology, you’re essentially guessing how thoroughly you brush your teeth. Smart toothbrushes replace conjecture with facts, so you know how well you’re brushing.

How Do Smart Toothbrushes Work?

Smart toothbrushes capture brushing data through built-in smart sensors in the toothbrush head. These sensors analyze brush head pressure on the teeth, coverage, brushing duration and other inputs in real-time. They send that data to a connected device where it is analyzed. Ideally, users learn from their smart toothbrush data to improve their teeth brushing habits and over time will improve their oral health.

What Kind of Smart Toothbrushes Are There?

hum by Colgate is a great smart electric toothbrush loaded with features. Not only does it use smart sensor technology to track and show you brushing data in real-time, it also rewards you with smile points for brushing. Now that’s a sweet treat that’s good for your smile!

How Do Smart Toothbrushes Use My Data?

Data privacy is important for any connected device, smart toothbrushes included. When you brush with a Colgate smart toothbrush, your data is your own; it is never sold or shared. Use it to understand and improve your brushing habits. Your smile will thank you!

Are There Smart Toothbrushes for Kids?

Instilling healthy brushing habits at an early age is important to help kids grow up with healthy teeth and bright smiles. Using a smart toothbrush for kids makes brushing fun as well as educational. Colgate’s hum Kids Smart Battery Powered Toothbrush uses augmented reality games to encourage kids to brush thoroughly and for the correct amount of time. Parents can track their kids’ habits to ensure they’re brushing well.

hum Kids Smart Battery Powered Toothbrush


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