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How to Track Toothbrushing with Apple Health App

Last Updated: July 27, 2022

Thanks to medical and consumer technology innovation, we’ve never been more connected to our health through trackers, apps, and wearables. Health apps are useful tools for aggregating our data and helping us learn from it but keeping track of multiple apps and devices requires more time and attention than most of us have. We want a simple, central source of truth that displays information from various data sources in one view. Fortunately, Colgate makes it easy to track your teeth brushing routine and sync data with Apple Health.

Do Colgate Smart Toothbrushes Pair with Apple Health and Apple Watch?

All Colgate smart toothbrushes and companion apps are compatible with Apple Health. If you use a hum by Colgate toothbrush, you can use the Colgate Connect app and pair it with Apple Health or the Apple Watch app.

Why Sync Colgate Connect with Apple Health?

A centralized view of your health data is a great way to monitor your overall wellbeing. Tracking your fitness and food choices makes sense, but your oral health is equally important. If you use Apple Health already, it’s easy to sync your Colgate smart toothbrush data and get the most of your health data.

What are Some Benefits of Colgate Toothbrush apps?

Although that is a primary benefit, the Colgate Connect app does more than just track your brushing. Take a look at some of the other perks you get when using it.

  • Create profiles – Every family member (up to 4) can create a custom profile with personalized data and recommendations based on their individual brushing habits.
  • Personalized recommendations – See a summary of your brushing sessions and custom challenge recommendations based on your past brushing history. Earn smile points for completing challenges.
  • Offline tracking & data syncing – Use your Colgate toothbrush anywhere. Even if you’re on the go without an internet connection, the toothbrush will save your data and sync with the app when you’re back within range.
  • Question of the Day – Make brushing more fun with quizzes and other entertaining features.
  • Redeemable Rewards – Earn smile points for brushing and completing other tasks within the app and redeem them for items in our shop.

Setup, Pairing and Troubleshooting

Setup and syncing your connected toothbrushes is simple. Download the companion app for your toothbrush and follow the step-by-step instructions for setup. To enable Apple HealthKit integration, follow these instructions. If you’re experiencing issues with the toothbrush or app, review these troubleshooting tips for the Colgate Connect app. Then, brush and track your way to a bright and happy smile!

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