Tooth Brushing Tips

Picking Between Electric or Regular Toothbrushes

Last Updated: July 27, 2022

When choosing between an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush, you may wonder, “Are electric toothbrushes better?” or you might want to compare the benefits of an electric toothbrush vs. manual side-by-side. All Colgate electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes are designed to help you get a clean you can feel good about. Explore our toothbrush selection tips to find the best toothbrush for your needs.

Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

For optimal dental care, proper brushing habits matter more than the type of toothbrush. For those who want a premium brushing experience, many electric toothbrushes deliver more features than manual toothbrushes.

Advanced features and technology make electric toothbrushes more expensive than manual toothbrushes, but for some, the cost is worth the assurance that they’re brushing their best.

hum by Colgate Smart Rechargeable Electric Toothbrushes

Most people miss up to 40 percent of their teeth when they brush, but connected toothbrushes, like hum by Colgate, can help you brush more thoroughly. hum uses Bluetooth connectivity and smart sensors to show you data on where and how you brush. The hum mobile app even rewards you for brushing. Talk about giving you something to smile about!

Another benefit of some electric toothbrushes, including hum by Colgate models, is the ability to customize the vibration of the brush head for a personalized, effective, comfortable brushing experience.

Because electric toothbrushes are rechargeable or battery-powered, their handles are often larger than manual toothbrush handles, and they can be more comfortable or easy to hold.

Electric toothbrushes also help reduce waste over time, thanks to detachable replacement heads. When it’s time to replace your hum by Colgate toothbrush head, simply remove it and replace it with a fresh one. hum by Colgate toothbrush head refill packs make it easy to stay stocked up.

Are Electric Toothbrushes Safe for Kids?

Always consult your child’s dentist for questions about their oral care, but generally, powered toothbrushes specially designed for kids are safe for kids to use. These toothbrushes can benefit kids by teaching them proper teeth brushing habits in an engaging way. hum by Colgate’s smart toothbrush for kids makes teeth brushing extra fun with augmented reality games that show kids where and how long to brush.

hum Kids Smart Battery Powered Toothbrush


Benefits of Manual Toothbrushes

To describe a toothbrush as “manual” may sound strange, and you might wonder, “what is a manual toothbrush?” It simply refers to a toothbrush that is not motorized. Manual toothbrushes typically don’t have the connected features and benefits of smart electric toothbrushes. But for those who like simplicity, manual toothbrushes work just as well as electric toothbrushes if you brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes at a time using fluoride toothpaste.

Manual toothbrushes are often smaller than electric toothbrushes and don’t require a separate charging station or cord. Their small profile makes them a favorable option for traveling or saving counter space. Manual toothbrushes also cost less than electric toothbrushes.

Colgate Manual Toothbrushes

Just because manual toothbrushes aren’t powered by electricity doesn’t mean they aren’t technologically advanced. Colgate manual toothbrushes are designed by experts who consider bristle design, handle ergonomics, and make manual toothbrushes that help you get an effective clean.

Look for toothbrush features that match your preferences or needs. Choose toothbrushes with tongue cleaners, like the Colgate 360 Toothbrush, to help remove bacteria and freshen breath. Whitening toothbrushes, like the Colgate 360 Advanced Optic White, have special bristle designs to help remove surface stains from teeth. Or try something new like a charcoal-infused bristle toothbrush to stay on-trend with the latest oral care ingredients.

What is the Best Toothbrush?

The best toothbrush is one that’s right for you and that makes brushing enjoyable. If you have specific questions about your oral care needs, ask your dentist or dental hygienist for help choosing the right toothbrush.

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