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Brush better, day after day

With smart sensors and an app to track progress, Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush makes every brushing session a success story

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Real time coaching 

Guides your brushing so you can brush more completely

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3D Mouth Mapping

Visualize results on 16 zones feedback and identify missed area

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Brushing reward

Earn points as you brush and celebrate every day little victories

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Automatic data capturing

Brush without the phone and sync to the app later to monitor progress

Get to know the brush!

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Get to know the brush!

  • Sonic vibration technology for a healthy clean you can feel

  • Smart sensors analyze brushing in real time 

  • Automatic data uploading via Bluetooth 

  • Works with your Apple smartwatch and links to Apple health

  • Replaceable head 

  • Compatible with iOS and Android

Colgate ®️ Smart Electric Toothbrush - E1

No matter how great your electric toothbrush is, a zone that is not brushed is a zone that is not clean. 

The Colgate® Smart Electric Toothbrush combines the power of its sonic vibration technology with smart sensors that detect where you brush and where you miss as you brush. Pair with the Colgate® Connect app to visualize the results and monitor progress over time. 

Compatible with iOS and Android.

Best Selling

Not just another electric toothbrush

This item has changed the way I experience brushing my teeth. (...)  Yes, it is a lot of money but think about it when u get this tooth brush you will see what u have missed for brushing ur teeth and it will prevent u from having tooth decay in the future and cavities and fixing that is a lot of money.

Five star reviews

By Leah

I have had this toothbrush for over a year now. I think it is one of the best I've ever used. (...) It has definitely made me more aware that I need to be brushing more.

Five star reviews


Wow, this toothbrush is amazing! From the first day I used it I have felt that my teeth brushing routine has hit a all time high, the app has kept me in informed about my brushing and I really enjoy seeing where I can improve and how's my brushing going.

Five star reviews

By Joey

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Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush head every 3 months. Compatible only with the Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush.

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