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Colgate ® Optic White Whitening Serum

5 or 10 Day Serum Supply

For your brightest smile, we recommend teeth whitening touch-ups 4 times a year. Smiles are a year-round thing, so keep your smile bright and white with refill serums for your Teeth Whitening Device!

One Time Only

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Free Shipping
& Returns*
1 Year Warranty
on the Device*
30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

How to Use

Use 2 vials per day
1 vial for top teeth and 1 vial for bottom
Use consecutively for 5 or 10 days

Shine with your brightest
smile in just 10 days

"I LOVE YOU! Colgate Optic White Advanced LED Whitening System thank you so much for returning my confidence back to me and allowing me to smile again. You gave me back my pearly whites and I can't tell you how happy I feel."

Tiffany from Van Nuys, 30

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