Colgate App Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: January 2023

You can earn smile points by brushing and or whitening your teeth or completing challenges or other activities with your Colgate connected toothbrush and/or Colgate Whitening LED device and the hum by Colgate, Colgate Smile, and Colgate Connect Apps (the “App”). To earn smile points by brushing, you must first create an account on the App and connect your connected toothbrush to your account. Other than for the hum Smart Rhythm or Colgate Pulse, only brushing sessions having a duration of at least 30 seconds and a surface coverage of at least 50% and which are synchronized with the App will be eligible to earn smile points; brushing sessions on the hum Smart Rhythm or Colgate Pulse having a duration of at least 30 seconds will be eligible to earn smile points. Once a toothbrush’s memory storage is full, it will not record any additional brushing sessions until you synchronize it with the App. To ensure you earn smile points for your brushing sessions, we recommend you synchronize your toothbrush with the App at least once per week. For whitening, only completed whitening sessions with the Colgate Whitening LED device will earn smile points. You will not earn additional smile points for completing any challenge or activity more than 3 times in any day. Smile points can be redeemed for offers ranging from in-app digital content, for purchases of and to discounts for Colgate Products with our third party partner(s). How and where you can redeem smile points are different depending on where you are. To redeem smile points, go to the Shop section of the App and follow the instructions. For more information on how to earn or redeem smile points, see Rewards - Overview. Smile points expire at the end of the first calendar year beginning after the calendar year during which the smile points were accumulated or when you deactivate or otherwise cancel your account. Smile points may only be redeemed through the Shop section of the App and cannot be redeemed outside of the App. Upon redemption of smile points, the points will immediately be deducted from your point balance. Once smile points are redeemed, they cannot be credited back to your account, even if you return or exchange items purchased using smile points. Smile points have no fixed or cash value and may not be redeemed for cash. Smile points are not transferable. Any transfer or attempt to transfer smile points may result in automatic cancellation of your smile points. Colgate may, at any time and without notice, change, eliminate, or terminate earning and/or redemption procedures and offerings for smile points.

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